Outreach Activities


Hasan Alkhairo, Student Disabled Academics Need Access (DANA)
Yaen Chen, Student BAYS 
Wanjun Gu, Student Skye a Scientist
Miguel Guardado, Student ASGD Public Affairs Officer
Grace Ramey, Student Science and Education Partnership (SEP) Outreach
Lee Rao, Student UCSF AI4ALL
Ryan Hernandez, Faculty SFSU Outreach
Shu Zhang, Student Scholar Match


Yaen Chen, Student UCSF Braincamp; UCSF AI4ALL 
Sebastian Cruz Gonzalez, Student BMI ABRCMS Conference Representative
Mark Ansel, Faculty SACNAS NDiSTEM conference; Hampton University (HBCU) Science Symposium attendance and sponsorship
Miguel Guardado, Student SACNAS Board Member
Jan Christoph, Faculty UCSF Summer Student Research Program
Ryan Corces, Faculty PROPEL
Ryan Hernandez, Faculty PROPEL & BAYS Mentor; SFSU Outreach
Jacqueline Williams, Student BMI ABCRMS Conference Representative
Christina Theodoris, Faculty Gladstone PUMAS Program
Andrew Yang, Faculty PROPEL & MSTAR


Shiron Drusinsky, Student UCSF AI4ALL